C# TypeProviders ?!

Last week at the great community conference NRW Conf 2013 in Wuppertal i heard Steffen Forkmann speaking about F# TypeProviders. This was the second time i listened to this topic – sometimes it needs a repetitive consumption of a topic to trigger a reaction.

Excited by the F# TypeProviders i tried to also have TypeProviders in C#.

As an example i have written the Regex TypeProvider in C#.

Unfortunately the C# can not infer dynamically generated types like F# interactive does. So the type information is not available at edit time.

Editor View

The debugger instead can see the dynamically generated type and show the properties.

Debugger View

For full source to try yourself see GitHub:


I am interested in your opinion about the usefulness of this approach.


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Eine Antwort zu C# TypeProviders ?!

  1. Tobi :)= schreibt:

    In my opinion, the advantage of TypeProviders is the safety at compile time. I think that using dynamic in C# in your solution is slightly better than using XML: schema errors like writing a property wrong, will only be visible at runtime (or with unit tests).
    My 2 cents: nice try 😉

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